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Why use this system

Full of features to help you recover faster


Treatment records

Record your medication and treatments that you had regardless of the type or the providers.


Health assessments

Periodically assess your mental health, spirituality effort, and whether you have jinn possession issues


Resource Library

Coming soon... Information on mental health and jinn possession will be added from time to time


There are various assessments to help you monitor your mental health. The jinn possession scale developed through research is included so that you can evaluate if there is any link between jinn possession and issues affecting your mental health.

GAD-7 Assessments

Assessments based on GAD-7 Generalised Anxiety Disorder scale

Jinn Possession Assessment

Assessments based of PISANG Jinn Possession scale

DASS-21 Assessments

Assessments based on DASS-21 Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale

PHQ-9 Assessments

Assessments based on PHQ-9 Patients Health Questionnaire

Spirituality Assessments

Assess your spirituality efforts. Can it make you recover faster?

Compare Symptoms

Compare your symptoms and see which symptoms are no longer present

Treatment Records


  • You can easily keep records of all your treatments
  • Observe the effect of the different type of treatments on your recovery plan
  • Watch the impact of spirituality on your health
  • Make periodic assessments to check progress of your treatments
  • Analyse your mistakes or shortcomings
  • Drive your own recovery plan



Put yourself in control of your recovery plan

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