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Nite Nite Aromatherapy Oil 10 ml

This blend of aromatherapy oil helps to feel calm, relaxes the nervous system and sleep easily.

Can be used as part of complementary therapy for:

  • Autism (night)
  • Insomnia


Helps to feel calm, relaxes the nervous system and sleep easily

Instruction for use:
Roll over the bottom of feet, wrist or chest
Children under 6 – only roll over 1 or 2 acupressure points at a time
Apply at night


Avoid use when pregnant or on children under 3
External use only


Keep bottle away from direct sunlight


The blend contains the following high-quality pure essential oil:

  1. Lavender: good for calming, relaxing the nervous system, helps to sleep
  2. Cedarwood: good for calming, purifying, stimulating pituitary glands and pineal glands, increasing production of melatonin, helps to regulate mood and sleep
  3. Orange: good for promoting relaxation, and refreshing



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